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Our world has already witnessed the consequences of using synthetic products and these synthetic products adversely affect the person consuming it. Especially, in the recent times when COVID- 19 hit the whole world with its highest intensity, the whole world needed to keep a check on what lifestyle they follow.

Maintaining a lifestyle and providing your body with the right amount of nutrients became super important and it became even harder to find the natural products in the market. Here is when, with an aim to provide people with the best quality products, Nature’s Potion was introduced. While dealing with such a worldwide spread disease, we all learned to keep our health and body in check. We all know the benefits of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and how important it is to know what quality to put in your body.

Nature’s Potion, with an intention to provide high-quality product, brings to you the honey that is natural and comes at an affordable price. Our honey is 100% natural and is sourced from the deep Sundarbans Forest. Being natural makes our honey the best thing to replace your daily sugar intake with and maintain a long and healthy living.

Nature’s Potion take extreme pride in supporting the people from tribal villages who are dependent on the forest produce for their livelihoods.

In order to assure the best quality, we conduct NMR tests to check the purity levels of our honey. Nature’s Potion honey goes through several quality checks as honey profiling can detect several hundred compounds in a honey sample simultaneously, which are used to characterize the honey through a comprehensive database of reference honey. Along with all the required quality tests Nature’s Potion is also BRC approved.

The British Retail Consortium (BRC)

In order to ensure the best quality honey, Nature’s Potion goes through many tests and is BRC approved. BRC (The British Retail Consortium) is the leading safety and quality certification program used by over 22,000 certified suppliers in 123 countries, it has internationally recognized the benchmark for best practices in food safety, quality and responsibility worldwide. The standard gives organizations working in the food industry a framework for managing the safety, integrity and quality of their products and services. This includes retailers, manufacturers, importers, caterers and ingredient suppliers.

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